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From Raspberry Jam to the Depths of the Sea?   
12:40pm 27/05/2005
mood: thatisnotagoodfaceforrestless
Well I can do some research (on my secret "weapon") or I can look up Final Fantasy websites, what to choose, what to choose... Being I have been restless and more than procrastinating lately I will probably choose the later... But who knows...

Also....I just noticed that LiveJournal gives grammatical tips for the writing of one's information, pluraization rules and whatnot...I guess they dont want people's shit looking crappy, or uneducated...Interesting

Another Also...
My god, I cant belive I had forgotten to give Enterprise a proper public (at least here) farewell... May 13 2005 was among one of the saddest days I had in my life... kicked away when It started to exceed what had ever been done before... thank god for DVDs, and Klingon Bloodwine from Vegas, otherwise I would be an emotional disaster... (even more so is that possible?)...
BLoodwine is also good for enhacing bathroom vocals, and I'm sure one's anthropological writing ability, but that has yet to be tested.

good day


(Disaster this way)

My love has been given to Taur nu Fuin   
10:44am 13/05/2005
mood: and allergic
Today may be a Holiday, but I have not yet decided. You, dear reader, or the ghosts of such entities, will be revealed to the possible Holiday if one has been created by the end.
What I must or possibly not say, is that I never expected to be able to stir up the pool (or mire, I know not yet) of experimental archaeolgy so early on in my little road down into stranger or at last more obscure undertakings. But It seems (at least if I can pull it off) That I will, but I must start building, and planning and the more I think about what's required, I find something else that has yet been given thought and these things give rise to more things, endless it seems. But it must end. And it will end. At least within a year.
It will be complicated, but, there is nothing else for me to do, really...
On the oher hand, having nothing to do with summer experiments, I have decided I would like to be a Black Waltz from Final Fantasy 9 for Halloween, I belive that would be a "fun" costume, granting that I have somewhere to go. I should post my costumes somewhere, as they are becoming reknown.
But on to other Holiday matters:
Today, I have just received a correspondense from my sources in Istanbul, is Continuous Trait day. Lets us all appraciate the continuum that is height, hair color, facial features, among many, many others. On this day, it is proper to dedicate some piece of devotional artwork (of any form) to those wonderful variations that can't be bound.

Also today is a Friday the 13th, I just noticed. We must rememeber this already well established day as well.


(Disaster this way)

Tumultuous Sirius and a dog star above   
01:01pm 29/04/2005
mood: something even more worn
I realize now, with hindsight, foresight, present analysis that I really can't do this anymore...
Such a loss I'm sure


(Disaster this way)

As long as this road is long   
10:48am 26/04/2005
mood: how about bemused
I would write this book to you
But what more could it say
That I would darken the sky above us
To find the sea again
That I'd destroy your valley
To ease my restlessness
But ours is not the same old story

I have watched you
my Memory
On this road alight
Have watched you
Fear come alive
Have watched you
Have known you
All of my Life
Have watched you
Have loved you
All through the night

All our thoughts are pieces
And out the tale will play
A shadow on a journey
For a multitude of days
That the spark and time will travel
On this road who cannot say
But here is the point of convergence

I have watched you
my Memory
March the span of time
Have watched you
Your fear is now alive
I have sought you
In hiding
Peeled back your disguise
I have loved you
Through envy
and All of my life
I have loved you
I have loved you
Rousing you to life

*S.Lasgalen 4/05

(Disaster this way)

Nordsee Anfauglith and somewhere in between   
10:48am 25/04/2005
mood: mildly caffeinated
Well well well Jessica... you have friended me just I suspected, well I will just have to do the same in return... But be warned this may not be in your best interest, I am boring, dorky, and do not write often, and when I do, my literary style clouds even the fainest glimmer of understanding... leaving you with a "what was that feeling"

you have been given your warning
and have awaken a sleeping dog


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Running out of Metaphors, or all words have seemingly gone "out the window"   
12:57pm 22/04/2005
mood: nervous
I hav returned for a brif moment after an unexpcted two year interruption, which was much like spending a well funded two year expedition in a stasis tube. But, I have not come empty handed. I have warily returned to announce the arrival and my new and electronic alliance with my ancient consort, the most jocular of boys, PDKev, who was forcd into this qustionabnle enterprize by the foul temptress Jess. I just figured I would take advantage of his regretable involvement.

Thank you


(who is still dead)

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Fuckin' Cuchullain   
11:34am 29/05/2003
mood: contemplative
Why is it that I owe every one money
or that money that I believed to be paid off was not actually completely paid off...because of some bureaucratic fuck-up....
I have BAD luck in bureaucratic institutional matters...
Not my fault ...just BAD LUCK
Like the time my health insurance was taken away by mistake...I went for minor surgury...not knowing this .... and then get all these bills...bad....bad...bad....not my fault....but I had to fix it of couse...maybe I should have sued...
yes that would have been nice....
I should have sued when I fell down that grating and landed on that guy and broke my rib....but I was afraid he'd sue me cause I did land on him...but it was his grating...I guess we're even...
I don't know...
I don't want to be rich
I just want enough money to but action figures and feed a dozen dogs...
and possibly buy the Via Devana....(well that would be expensive...but I feel I have a claim to it...at least to scoure the area thoroughly...)


I found the Galadriel figure...


(Disaster this way)

Foweles in the Frith   
11:00am 28/05/2003
  If one more person says to me:
"So, what are you gonna ... look for dinosaurs?"

I'm going to smack them...or at least spit on them...
Nothing against dinosaurs....I love dinosaurs...but that not my deal ....

All I know is
Humans are not getting any smarter...if anything they are getting stupider...
I'm just happy I'm an alien...

On to more 13th century songs...
Where the incredible oddness and apparent "backwardness" of those many societies seemed almost justified...


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Adam lay Ibounden   
10:40am 28/05/2003
  Adam lay ibounden
Bounden in a bond
Foure thousand winter
Thought he not too long

And all was for an apple
And apple that he tok
As clerkes finden
Wrenten in here book

Ne hadde the apple take ben
The apple taken ben
Ne hadde never Our Lady
A ben Hevene Quen

Blissed be the time
That apple take was
Therefore we moun singen
"Deo Gracias"

13th century

(Disaster this way)

04:25pm 21/05/2003
A guy in the Bronx got fined for sitting on a Milk crate outside of the place where he worked....
are we living in a police state...
I think so...
that's frightening....
soon no one will be allowed to stand outside at all...
It really wouldn't surprise me...
I keep looking for new apartments here...
but I'm not sure I want to keep living in this god awful city anymore...
but I don't no where to move...except London maybe...But I don't know it well enough to make a descision like that...
but then again...I don't want to leave...as I've spent my whole life here...and I keep remembering ....how it used to be cool....
I don't know...
all I know is it's all gonna get worse...
Abby left just at the right time...
though she doesn't seem to like L.A. all that much and swears she wished she was still here...
But I tell here...
your lucky your not here...your lucky you didn't grow up here...
It's all shit now and it was never your home...

oh my...

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I am a Donut   
07:06pm 09/05/2003
  click here to take more tests like this at internet junk!

Fucking Fitting

Chocolate yea!!!!!!

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oh no I'm wring again......   
04:55pm 07/05/2003
  you must think it right
to hide within the shadows
while the fire bursts aside
give me you hand
for all the wall have been hewn
and the only strengths' left in my head

tis all
the magnificent S.L.

(Disaster this way)

Stupid Bridges   
01:51pm 29/04/2003
mood: aggravated
oh course I have a tendancy of bringing up things aren't really relevant at the moment
I ask kevinaro, if I went on the school's fieldwork project in Ireland if he would come with me if he was allowed .... and he said no...he would be bored...
and then I said you fucking love Ireland..why would you be bored...
and he told me that he could only stay in the middle of no where for so long ...
and I said you know there are sights not far outside of Dublin...
and he said that he wouldn't want to have to travel there...
and I said well we would be working in Galway anyway...
and then he said his family was from there...
and I said my family were whalers...
and then I got back to the point and said...
...well what about if you had no job at the time were completely allowed to go and were payed to work with us...
and he still said no....
and I said ...it's fucking Ireland... it's about the only other place you like beside New York....
and he said no...that we would visit me....but he wouldn't go even if he was allowed....
and then he said something about us getting drunk all the time and fighting...
and I said....
you know...I'm not even going yet....

odd conversation .....isn't it
I don't how I can live with such a boy...

oh well...

It's smoking time...

(Disaster this way)

A Stor, A Stor, A Ghra   
11:00am 22/04/2003
mood: anxious
It seems like Alexa took every quiz, test, and lesbio-meter on the fucking internet in the past few days....
bored Alexa????
were you???
I hope your sexuallity is just the tiniest bit clearer now....I think 35 test on the same topic should clarify the matter...
anywho.....because of alexa....
I now have tests to take....
thank you alexa
for the joy-some tests and quizzes you supply the world with!!!

Which Genocidal Maniac Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

(Disaster this way)

05:53pm 21/04/2003

that is all

thank you

(Disaster this way)

10:38am 15/04/2003
  How many things can go wrong at once?

I think I'll turn this year into an experiment.

If I can view my life objectively, as sets of varibles, causes and effects, form hypothesies of bad luck and the effects of mild irresponsiblily, and procrastination, and also the hypothesis of S.L. and the curse of fun....cause goddamn it seems if I have any fun(i.e. going a vacation for the first time in years)ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE...
anything that can go wrong does...

Excuse me...I must calm down....I am supposed to be looking at my life in an objective fashion...

well possibly if I view everything as indepenent and dependent variables, causes and effects, possitive and negative correlations; the mess my life have become this year will not bother me so much...Or maybe it won't effect me at all...

yes this is the new plan...

I'm just very afraid because the year is not even half over...

(Disaster this way)

jennifer putman smells like birch wood   
12:58pm 13/04/2003
  I think I've just printed that sum of the world's ethnographies....and I would kick Julian Steward in the head if he was still alive...I think I figured out the shit he wrote (in the most tedious and boring fashion mind you) when I was taking a shit one day when I was 15....except of course I've really done nothing to prove my theories...  

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06:36pm 25/03/2003
  I'm sorry that I got fat
I'm sorry that I got fat
I'm sorry that I got fat
I will slim down.

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oh fuck   
05:52pm 05/02/2003
  the strength of the ring barrel is failing
You don't do things on purpose, so people tend to
cut you some slack. Still, it would be best if
you stopped doing things all together.

What Lord of the Rings engrish subtitle are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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01:34pm 05/02/2003
mood: ichy and sore
I have made a new friend/stalker in school
how sweet
havent done that in a while...
i just hope he becomes more of a friend and less of a nosy stalker who likes to document what books I read...

tis all

aren't biopsy-s fun
yes they are

(Disaster this way)